Are you New to BitCoin?. Avoid these Common Scams, Protect your BitCoin Assets, and Stay safe.

Since Bitcoin is Hitting the New Resistance levels technically speaking, It seems, Bulls are in the great Favour of BitCoin.The souring price and high volatility in the money markets setting an all-time high in the BitCoin industry. These newly made records in price diverting cryptos investors particularly into the BitCoin market. Keeping in view the strengthening momentum in various cryptocurrencies in general and specifically, in BitCoin, it is now inevitably important to take special rather extra care of your digital assets. A dramatic surge in the value of Bitcoin made this supersonic digital currency highly demanded and insecure to some extent. Buying Bitcoins may not be a big deal, but keeping it safe and away from digital thieves has become a matter of great concern. The latest and highly advanced techniques are being exercised to access the private and confidential keys by the digital criminals. If you are new in this industry, you are advised to stay vigilant and watch closely any suspicious activity you notice while accessing your wallet or transferring your BitCoins. In this piece of writing, we shall elaborate the expected threats to the BitCoin safe storage, some important safety initiative needs to be taken being BTC Holders, selection of your bitcoin wallets, methods to keep your private and confidential keys highly protected even in our recommendation section, we shall suggest you the best ways to store your Bitcoin Holdings


Always make a complete and thorough search, before pulling the trigger.

As the heading hints, a well-researched work always leaves fewer errors and complications not just in the field of crypto but in every field of life. If you are going to start any project even other than Bitcoins dealing, proper and comprehensive research keeping all the dynamics in mind will definitely help you a lot even at a time of great distress. There are hundreds of cryptocurrency exchanges available in the market, claiming the best and highly safe services, but even then don't just simply rely on them at all, do your complete verifications, take the reviews of already existed clients about the credibility of that exchange, check the complete history of that very exchange you are interested in because history always repeats itself, as these exchanges are easy prey of the digital criminals. For your safety and complete satisfaction the incident of MT.GOX can never be ignored. Make sure about the security level of their available online platform through which clients get access to their crypto assets. As told earlier, your safety is our priority, so there are websites available giving you the users feedbacks/reviews about any particular brand, or any social media services. After having well research you can simply proceed to buy the BitCoin or any other cryptocurrency via any crypto exchange.


The security of BitCoin Assets revolves around the Keys.

My one simple question, How important is the Keys/password of your Fiat currency Bank account ATM?.we have an idea about your reply to it, obviously very much important. As no one can compromise over the security of his/her password of ATM card, similarly complete security of your Bitcoins wallets, where they are stored usually, based on the privacy of your cryptos wallets private keys. If the private and confidential keys of your wallets are in safe hands the assets of the crypto wallets are in the safe hands too. Let's make this more clear, generally, there are two types of keys you are provided with by the time you buy/receive and sell /transfer the crypto assets, One is called the public key, used to receive the cryptocurrency through any means and is shared publicly that is why called the Public key. The other one is known as a private and confidential key, this key acts as an actual key to open security lock of BitCoin wallets, just imagine for a moment if this is lost, misplaced or anyone come to know about your private key, what would happen?.nothing much, you may simply lose your valuable crypto assets. We do hope this made you very much clear about the importance of the private and confidential keys of your cryptocurrency wallets.


A gentleman's advice, not to discuss/share anything about your BitCoin investment.

As always advised do not share anything particularly the sensitive information of your BitCoin official wallets with anyone. By the time a cryptocurrency wallet is generated, you get the Public and private keys another important key is generated as well called the seed phrase or recovery phrase, this is one of the most important keys, used to recover the private key in case if you lost it, Please remember the whole safety revolves around your private keys. Some of the experts even advise, don't even discuss that you hold the Bitcoin assets, keeping all of your private and confidential keys safe and at a secure location always strength the security around your cryptocurrency asset. That is why when you store Bitcoins always ensure the safety of your private keys first. If your private and confidential keys are insecure that means your crypto assets are insecure.


Stay alert about the phishing Scam.

The act of phishing is commonly used by digital thieves to steal money through online access. Scammers make a similar website to the original one, as you put your credentials through these fake websites, created by the scammers, they immediately save you all the important and confidential details and finally clean your cryptocurrency wallets within no time. Whenever you go online to access your wallets .make sure you are on the right platform, confirm the originality of the website you are about to login in-order to avoid any inconvenience and financial loss.


Expert Suggestions for better security and peace of mind:

In this piece of writing we have explained well all the possible threats you can face while dealing crypto currency. Moreover those who are old in the field of Bitcoins cannot simply ignore the recent incidents of cryptos hacking and theft,One simple mistake or even a tiny act of negligence can put you on the road from your villa within no time because history witnessed this all. If you are new or have been dealing digital currencies since long time,always store your BitCoin assets in cold wallets.Because clod wallets store your BitCoin assets in an offline mode, simply when you are offline and have stored your bitcoins with the help of your private keys, it completely rules out the element of online hacking however the protection of your private keys as well as the seed/recovery phrase is your prime responsibility,if you successfully keep your all these keys in a safest mode no one can ever steal your crypto assets.

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