Best bitcoin wallet for android & mobile users

Android is a widely used device mostly used to store, send, or receive Bitcoin as that is the most commonly used mobile device version before iOS. Bitcoin android wallets are the most well-liked medium to securely store crypto assets and having access to the tokens as and whenever needed. The top three Bitcoin android wallets are.
1: Electrum wallet
Electrum wallet is one of the most well-liked Bitcoin wallets for Android, aside from being a desktop wallet. Once you download, a seed of twelve random words is generated, that you need to take note of. Your keys are not locked onto electrum and you have got the autonomy to export your Bitcoin in any wallet as you would like. During the setup method, you have to make a 6-digit PIN, which will be used to confirm payments.
2: Mycelium
Mycelium is an extremely acclaimed android Bitcoin wallet that has a high rating on google play. Even the interface is straightforward and laid out, which makes it convenient for any Bitcoin transactions with the assistance of a QR code and also has an address book for making payments. Mycelium includes a massive arsenal of security features, which includes the security PIN, and the app support keys from the paper wallet as well.
3: Trust wallet
Trust wallet is a standard android Bitcoin wallet that securely carries BTC on android devices. Trust is a multi-coin wallet that supports several cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin. Trust wallet was acquired by the renowned exchange, Binance in July 2018. The Trust wallet development team is pretty proactive, and it keeps on adding additional cryptocurrencies each month. Trust wallet is one of the best Bitcoin wallets on Android.


Best Bitcoin Wallets for iOS iPhone and iPad

In February 2014, Apple banned all Bitcoin wallets from its Store. However, it then reversed its call and currently hosts several awesome crypto wallets available for iPhone and iPad running iOS. Some of them are discussed below.
Blockstream green is one of the most unique and secure iOS Bitcoin wallets on the market. It uses a 2-of-2 style backup thus if you ever lose your backup, you will be able to use any two-factor authentication to recover it. It is also super easy to set up and needs no registration other than an email address. You will be able to even store your liquid assets on Blockstream green now.
If the advanced options offered by Blockstream green appear too complicated for you, Blockstream also just released a single-signature, non-custodial mobile wallet referred to as aqua. With Aqua, you will be able to hold Bitcoin, Tether, and LBTC (Liquid BTC) similar to Blockstream green. The main difference is there is no confusing multi-signature involved. It is just straightforward, however well designed, and simple to use mobile wallet for Bitcoin users.
Ledger Live is a little bit different than the other wallet apps. That is because you need a Ledger hardware wallet for it to work. This makes it by far the most secure iOS wallet app on this list; however, it additionally means using it is not exactly 'free'.


Best bitcoin wallet for desktop & computer users

Desktop wallets provide you with full management over your bitcoins however the security depends on you keeping the pc safe from malware. Here are some of the best DESKTOP wallets.

Exodus hot desktop wallet was launched in 2016. Exodus is a desktop wallet that saves all of your data and info on your computer. It is one of the most flexible wallets to store multiple cryptocurrencies.
Bitcoin Core is a desktop wallet. It supports bitcoin with strong security and anonymity options. Need to download the copy of the blockchain that takes time and laptop space.
ArcBit is a simple bitcoin wallet with multiple options, one of the strongest bitcoin wallets. It supports solely bitcoin. Available on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows phone, and Windows
Electrum is an open-source desktop wallet that runs on the client’s platform. It is a desktop wallet that supports solely bitcoin. It features Multisignature with strong security and anonymity options.
Jaxx digital asset wallet was created in 2014 by an Ethereum co-founder. Jaxx has currently dozens of blockchain tokens accessible and a wallet that runs on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and alternative platforms.


Best bitcoin wallet in India for long term storage 

The bitcoin wallet is like an online bank account where you keep all of your bitcoins safe. You can receive bitcoins and different cryptocurrencies in your wallet and store them safely. The wallet makes it possible for you to spend bitcoins simply.
WazirX, a crypto exchange primarily based in India, also provides a wallet facility. You have a web, or a mobile-based crypto-wallet connected to the WazirX exchange. You will have to open a WazirX account to use the wallet. You will be able to trade-in over 200 pairs on WazirX and store all the cryptocurrencies within the wallet. For security, it uses a two-factor authentication like google authenticator or mobile OTP based authentication.

Zebpay may be a multi-cryptocurrency exchange that provides the facility of crypto wallets. Zebpay stores your cryptocurrencies in a secured pool and not in individual wallets with a personal key. Zebpay permits you to transfer your crypto coins to different exchanges or your wallet.
For security, Zebpay stores all of your crypto assets in cold wallets signed using HSM (hardware security). They even have proprietary security protocol Omnitrixx to safeguard all transactions.

Unocoin bitcoin wallet is an app-based crypto wallet that is connected to your Unocoin account. Unocoin app is compatible with android and iOS operative systems and supports 40 cryptocurrencies. The Unocoin app additionally has a lending (financing) facility for users to get a loan in USDT. The app is integrated with the merchant gateway service that permits online businesses to accept bitcoins. You will be able to additionally use the Unocoin wallet to recharge your smartphones and DTH services.


Best bitcoin wallet Canada for personal & commercial use

Hardware wallets

The following are some great hardware wallets:
Ledger Nano X
CDN $159.00
Accepts crypto payments while offline.
Supports 1184 coins.
Ledger ‘s flagship wallet, the Nano X, is Bluetooth enabled, which means it will connect to different devices like a smartphone or portable computer. Thus, the wallet owner has access to the entire transaction history of the account. Ledger pushes updates to the wallets often, useful when it comes to protecting against future attacks, should, for instance, hackers work out some way to get into the system via the wallet’s Bluetooth function.
Trezor model t
CDN $209.99
Highly Secure
Supports over 700 coins.
Trezor is one of Ledger’s main competitors, and its wallets are also supported in Canada. Trezor’s premium option, the model t, is meant to be used without the requirement for another device. While the wallet is set up via USB connection, the device may be unlocked without this connection, as PIN entry and passphrases can be entered on the model t. although the price can be a deterrent; the model is one of the most comprehensive wallets available, with in-depth security features.

Software Wallets
Free (mining fees)
Mobile wallet
Wide coin support
The UK-based wallet is offered in Canada and is free, though outgoing transactions are charged according to a variable rate. This rate depends on the cryptocurrencies concerned and is used to pay miners who verify transactions by adding them to the blockchain.
Coinbase best crypto wallet with overall features
The Coinbase exchange offers one of the foremost secure wallets to store digital assets. Coinbase wallet permits users to interact with Ethereum DApps via its integrated DApp browser. If you have got a Coinbase exchange account, you will be able to use the wallet app on your android or iOS device. You only need to download it from the respective app stores and use it.


Coinbase wallet overview

Coinbase places emphasis on simplicity and security. Aside from being secure, the wallet is suitable for novice traders. Also, it additionally supports a large range of digital assets including ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens. Coinbase wallet’s security measures guarantee every user has sole access to their non-public keys. It is one among a few exchanges that accept credit cards and bank transfers for payment. If the hacking history is a measure of the wallet’s security, then Coinbase is secure. The wallet has a zero-hacking record. Moreover, Coinbase follows best practices within the payment industry to ensure security. As an example, it runs all internet traffic over HTTPS encrypted SSL. Sensitive user information is also split with redundancy and encrypted with AES-256 before backing up in FIPS-140 USB drives. The drives are kept in safe deposit boxes and vaults in numerous locations.
Trezor best hardware wallet in respect of security
With its flagship launched in 2014, TREZOR is not just one of the few brands that have kept itself relevant over time, but arguably the top choice within the crypto hardware wallets niche. Trezor offers two completely different USB devices: Trezor One & Trezor Model T. These “cold wallets” are primarily peripheral devices with high-standard security measures for storing multiple cryptocurrencies.
History has proven exchanges to be somewhat prone to hackers and unexpected events. That is the main reason for the recognition of TREZOR and different competitors within the crypto cold storage niche. People not only wish to trade cryptocurrencies, but several users look for raising the bar in terms of security and that’s precisely when Trezor comes into place. Its unblemished name has allegedly onboarded over 800,000 users. Amongst the security options offered by TREZOR, the devices run on a “closed source microprocessor chip,” making them no different from a closed secure part chip. The first time you connect your Trezor device to a laptop, you will get a clean install of the firmware that is protected by a digital signature by SatoshiLabs.


Ledger best hardware wallet for durability & long-lasting

Ledger is a French company that helped pioneer the hardware case space when it launched in 2014. It has launched 2 wallets with Ledger Nano S being the most popular and older model. The Ledger Nano S is one of the most well-liked cryptocurrency hardware wallets within the world. The Ledger Nano S wallet, its initial product, quickly took off as the de facto wallet of choice for crypto enthusiasts because of its ease-of-use, security, tiny device size, and affordability. The Ledger Nano S supports more than 1,100 different digital assets. It additionally connects with Ledger’s proprietary desktop software system known as Ledger Live, which makes checking your balance unbelievably simple. The Ledger Nano S is not connected to the web and so it is nearly impossible to hack your keys. It is also simple to use, because of detailed instructions. Ledger offers a very high level of security on all their products and therefore the Ledger Nano S is no exception with an integrated certified chip that is designed to resist sophisticated hacking attempts. The combination of security and ease of use when combined with the Ledger Live app, together with the multitude of supported assets provides the Ledger Nano S user a rich experience.


Sofi Best cryptocurrency wallet for beginners

SoFi Active investing, a brand-new offering from SoFi Invest, is squarely aimed towards young investors with free trades of stocks and exchange-traded funds, the ability to buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and fractional shares of blue-chip companies like Amazon and Netflix. The self-directed brokerage is part of the San Francisco company's growing line of financial products — which includes Robo-advisor SoFi automated investing and online money management account SoFi money — and provides members advantages like free educational seminars and conferences with financial advisors. SoFi Active investing has some attractive options for new investors: commission-free stock and ETF trades, no account minimum, free financial counseling, and cutting-edge offerings together with fractional shares and cryptocurrency. However, the shortage of investment options  like mutual funds and index funds — is going to be a turnoff for long-term investors, and advanced investors will need to go elsewhere for options, forex, and futures trading.


Robin Hood best wallet for buy & selling crypto.

Robinhood first shocked the investing world as it opened the floodgates and allowed average individuals to trade stocks without commissions. It did a very similar move when it launched Robinhood Crypto, a cryptocurrency exchange outlet where users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without fees and trade 24/7. This platform is a fantastic option especially for those people who are just starting and are just looking to purchase the main cryptocurrencies. This might not be a great option for those who are looking to transfer their coins in and out of the app, as this is not possible. In conclusion, it takes the cake once more with its sleek platform and unparalleled ease of use. Robinhood is also highly beneficial due to its lack of trading fees for both stocks and cryptocurrencies. Fractional coins can also make a big difference in the life of a first-time crypt buyer. Where Robinhood falls short is in its availability in states and the number of cryptocurrencies. 



Best cold wallet for cryptocurrency storage

One of the most suggested hardware wallets is the Trezor wallet. You can even call it the best cryptocurrency wallet. It is a “bulletproof” Bitcoin wallet and is hyper-secure — it supports Windows, Linux, max and has one of the most effective android wallet apps out there for cold storage crypto investment. The Trezor hardware wallet comes with full two-factor authentication, a password manager app, and is compatible with ERC-20 tokens. It additionally provides cryptocurrency support for a range of various crypto coins, as well as Dash, Bitcoin, and Ether. It is simple to use, you insert the USB device. You connect via the pc and you can reset using the management software included. It is tiny as well and is likely to fit in the palm of your hand.


How to choose the best bitcoin wallet

There are 2 vital steps to finding a Bitcoin wallet that is right for you. First, you need to determine what sort of cryptocurrency wallet you would like, and when you consider specific wallets to find the best one for you. Bitcoin wallets differ by security, convenience, coin support, level of privacy and anonymity, interface, client support, fees, built-in services, and other variables. The most common distinction between Bitcoin wallets is whether they are cold or hot. Cold wallets refer to offline storage, whereas hot wallets are connected to the net most of the time. Online wallets are more appropriate for daily use however are not secure, whereas offline wallets are less convenient for frequent use yet are safer. There are five varieties of Bitcoin wallets that you can select from: hardware, desktop, mobile, web, and paper wallets. However, the distinction between the Bitcoin wallets does not finish there.


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A Complete Guide on Bitcoin Wallet

A bitcoin wallet represents a software program that stores bitcoin personal keys. Often, wallets come in hardware and software, the former being referred to as a hardware wallet. In general, they grant you access to your public Bitcoin address, typically with Bitcoin Core and a web connection, so facilitating the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. In the context of bitcoin, a personal key represents a secret sequence of numbers and letters which permit bitcoins to be spent. Every bitcoin wallet contains at least one, or sometimes a lot of, personal key. The keys are saved inside the wallet file and are mathematically related to all of the bitcoin addresses that are generated for the wallet. There are many sorts of wallets: desktop, mobile, paper, web, and hardware. Several have different features allowing a span of financial activity like savings management or retirement planning. Desktop wallets, as the name suggests, are installed on your computer’s desktop. These sorts of wallets provide full management over the software wallets.
A mobile wallet, on the opposite hand, provides for more convenience, as they are not fixed in one place. These typically are available in the form of paid applications that you will run on your smartphone. Among the various kinds of wallets a mobile wallet, bitcoin wallet, etc. is the paper wallet. This is nothing but your public and personal key written together. Technically, a bitcoin paper wallet is a form of cold wallet because it is entirely offline. Differentiation can also be made based on the software the wallet is used on. As such, you will be able to have android wallets (which are android apps), Apps for iOS on iPhone and iPad, Windows, Mac, and Linux, and so forth.

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