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How to get bitcoin address from trusted wallet generator website online btc universal service. Create crypto currency account on paper print & save for future use. Get highly secure private key randomly generated with pair of QR code. How to get the private key of any bitcoin address, import & export process in detail.

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Understanding CryptoCurrency & Bitcoin Address Code

Bitcoin is in fact an extraordinary collection of multiple computers, or nodes, that all run Bitcoin's code and subsequently store its blockchain. A blockchain might be assumed as a collection of multiple blocks. In each block is a collection of transactions. Because all these computers running the blockchain have the same list of blocks and transactions and can transparently see these new blocks being filled with new Bitcoin transactions, another best advantage of that system is that no one can mislead the system. Anyone, whether they run a Bitcoin "node" or not, can watch these transactions executing live. In order to obtain a heinous act, a bad actor would need to operate 51% of the computing power that makes up Bitcoin. An estimated idea reveals that Bitcoin has around 48,000 nodes as of June 2020 and this number is rapidly gaining growth. Analysis and experts started whispering that 2021 might be the year of BitCoin, and it can make the new records of Bullishness as Bulls are in the great favor of digital currencies. The potentially growing currency Bitcoin has broken all its resistance and you can analyze the tremendous support as the currency makes a new high. Trusted website provides btc address account for cryptocurrency safe storage. Best bitcoin address generator open source application. 


Best Bitcoin Wallets to Store Your Bitcoins:

Bitcoin address generator with own private key trusted and official website for cryptocurrency wallet get free balance while lookcup online explorer, As this supersonic digital currency started making surprising moves, investors and traders got alerts, the emerging markets witnessed the all-time high in price in recent moves, thus making this future currency more vulnerable to online theft and hackers attack as it proved its existence hot favorite and charming to everyone. Its safe storage and particularly for the long time raising great concerns not just for its developers but as well as for its traders and investors. Some most recent incidents of theft and cyber-attacks made people worried and some serious questions about its safe storage started emerging. In this piece of writing, we shall explain the best and safe storage of Bitcoin even for a long period of time. However, there are many ways to ensure its safe storage but as said earlier we shall unfold you the best and the most secure ways of Bitcoin storage. Please remember “Quality storage is mandatory to keep your digital currency safe and secure”.


What is cryptocurrency safe storage :

It's quite famous that “Necessity is the mother of invention” a recent report reveals that a young kid just took away & 5million worth of Bitcoin using some applications through his cell phone.No you got the idea that how much it is sensitive when we talk about its security, however, there are many ways to ensure the safe storage of that sup[ersonic currency Digital Currency but we shall only explain the best methods of its safe storage under different circumstances.


Cold Storage vs Hot Storage:

There are two famous methods of Bitcoin storage that are commonly used under various circumstances. Hot storage and cold storage, Hot is storage is widely used and popular among the Exchanges of Cryptocurrency for their everyday use of trading entries and exist, moreover these exchanges are supposed to withdraw the funds sometimes instantly in order to cater to their customers' request. History reveals the actual story of hot storage as it could not get escaped from the Hackers attacked and made some irreparable losses of multi-millions.In this way of storage, online wallets are made through hundreds of available websites providing the facility of hot/online storages through different available online wallets. As mentioned before, hot storage is done online and the most sensitive private and public keys are generated and stored online, Public key is a kind of public address, that is usually used to receive the Crypto funds from anywhere, however, the Private and confidential keys are much more sensitive and to its nature. Private key works as the password of our ATM bank card and is the main gateway to our digital assets. Online storage of private and confidential keys is not a wise decision as online connectivity makes our gadgets insecure and vulnerable to any possible hackers attack. Thus the idea of cold storage works well here in order to provide the safest and secure storage to your digital asset. Adding up more there are numerous methods of cold storage highly popular among the traders and investors of cryptocurrency. These methods of cold storage not only offers a sense of security to its users but answered the dozens of security-related questions in the crypto world. As the cold storage method, generates and stores the private and confidential keys in an offline mode, therefore it has nothing to do with online connectivity. This state of the art offline feature of storage regaining the lost trust of great crypto investors and international traders.


Why is a paper wallet considered safe?

A paper wallet is one of the best and cheapest ways to store digital assets for a long period of time. A paper wallet is a subcategory of cold storage methods, which have nothing to do with any connectivity of the internet while generating and preserving the private keys. Let's explain this highly secured cold storage paper wallet method in some simple words for thorough and better understanding. For instance, you have created a cryptocurrency account online through a blockchain supported service provider, You have got your public and private keys, and now you are supposed to transfer some digital funds to one of your friends, what would happen, nothing much you would simply go online and access your crypto account by providing the credentials. Your public key is a public address where you are usually supposed to receive your Bitcoins, Hence nothing to be worried about so far, but for the complete and successful execution of your required transaction, you would be asked to provide the private and confidential key, the most sensitive and insecure time has arrived as you are required to put your private key while connecting to the internet, you have no idea, who is watching your online activities and in case if this is a matter of fact, you might have no chance to protect your Bitcoin assets, as you have shown your private keys on the internet to someone you don't know. Unlike all above, the use of a paper wallet makes your digital assets completely safe and secure.


The process to create a secure BitCoin Paper Wallet

After explaining the crucially important role of paper wallets in protecting crypto assets, we are going to explain the process of creating a secure BitCoin Paper wallet. As we know a paper wallet contains both public and private key pairs to make successful crypto transactions. It is generally created with the help of a key generator program printed on paper as two long series of alphanumeric characters and two QR codes. A paper wallet is in fact a noncustodial cold storage wallet meaning you have full control over both public and private keys, and the wallet is not connected to the internet. Paper wallets are usually considered one of the best ways to secure a large amount of cryptocurrency for a longer time, while the other methods of cold storage are now assumed the gold standard. As the paper wallet method has nothing to do with the internet while storing your private keys, therefore it is highly recommended to ensure that your system is not connected to the internet while you get the print of your private keys. Even some of the cybersecurity experts suggest that each time you get the print of your private keys, you must ensure that the printer being used must not be connected to the internet in either way. After you got your private keys on your paper wallet, it's now your prime responsibility to place that piece of paper at some safest place, or even bank security deposit boxes can also be used for the rest of safety concerns. Always remember this piece of paper got your private and confidential keys as a paper wallet are the codes to access your account for transferring funds.


Offline tamper-resistant wallet:

Paper wallets are usually counted as cold storage, meaning that your digital assets are stored offline. It is a significantly more secure method compared with all other available methods of storage, keeping your Bitcoins in a hot wallet where anyone with an internet connection can approach and take them away within no time. Despite that, paper wallets also have their risks. Anyone who sees them can steal your funds without your permission, therefore it is always suggested to store them safely in an offline mode. Having said that all, you must also consider its fragility as keeping in view the sensitive nature of paper. Normal pieces of paper can decay, burn, or get wet and ultimately become unreadable, so you might need to place them in fireproof, waterproof, or damage-proof storage, and print it with quality ink on a high-quality standard paper. Many people even go for the option of laminating their paper wallets to make them more tamper-resistant. The need to safeguard paper wallets and their seeds have also led to the emergence of bitcoin backup tools like Crypto tag, which permits you to backup your wallet on a nearly indestructible and heat resistant titanium plate. Using a paper wallet is rather straightforward. You can load funds to the wallet by using its public key. If you want to export those funds, you can import or sweep the private key to a software wallet like Guarda, which supports the paper wallet features to import its private keys


Securing Bitcoin Paper Wallet:

Securing your Bitcoin paper wallet is another matter of great concern. After creating a secure paper wallet in an offline mode the time to protect this significantly important piece of paper at some safest place, where you could only have access to it. Because the paper wallet method is the cheapest way to store your Bitcoin assets, you are supposed to find out a place at your home to place it safely without having the fear of unauthorized access to it. Most people use the safe-deposit boxes provided by their banks to keep important documents and other valuables. This method might cause you some extra bucks, but on the other hand, provides you a complete sense of security and endless peace of mind against any possible threat to your crypto assets. If you are not willing to pay anything extra in this regard you are advised to keep this sensitive piece of paper at your home in some safe location. we guarantee, if you honestly follow these above-mentioned security measures, your all Bitcoin assets will be in safe hands.


Hardware wallet :

A hardware wallet is another secure method of keeping Bitcoins safe and highly protected, but this method is not as cheap as a paper wallet. Hardware wallets also provide the facility to store Bitcoins assets offline, however, this offline method will surely cost you some extra or heavy amount as per your requirements, Different types of hardware gadgets are available in the market that store the private and public keys in an offline mode. Some people don't like to use the paper wallet as the paper is quite sensitive to its nature and can be damaged easily, therefore, well known tiny gadgets. were introduced to cater to the market demands. Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X are the widely used hardware wallets for the better safety and protection of Bitcoins Assets. Moreover the competitors of Ledger there is another famous hardware called Trezor is also available almost with the same operating features as a ledger. Both of them work well in an offline mode to preserve the private and confidential keys. The procedures of storing the private keys are almost the same as the paper wallet. These Ledger and Tresors got a screen on it to have a display of the private keys while storing them offline. The price of Ledger Nano X is around $70 whereas trezor costs you $70 to $80.Both are available in the form of steel material, adding another extra security feature to their safe existence.

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Best way to store cryptocurrency for long term

We do hope that after having a detailed discussion about the security and possible threats to cryptocurrency assets. It would be quite easy for the reader to make better decisions about the safest security measures for their BitCoin assets. Bothe Paper wallet and Hardware wallets have been explained well keeping in view the all controversial concerns of the cryptocurrency traders and users. We have tried our best to provide you the maximum and fair knowledge about Paper wallets, their whole functions and working mechanism, ways of generating public and private keys, and further security steps that need to be taken to ensure the safe storage of paper wallets. On the other hand, the pro[perties and characteristics, as well as the structural mechanism of Ledger and Trezor, has been spelled out in some reasonable way so that our honorable readers may easily understand it from each aspect. No doubt both paper and hardware wallets are a great step to ensure the maximum safety of Cryptos assets however our experts' suggestions go towards the hardware wallets. As paper wallets are no doubt one of the best ways of storing Bitcoins assets for the long term but the sensitivity of the paper makes it a bit insecure and damageable.


Key to the Kingdom:

History always repeats itself, the one who doesn't learn the lesson from time and history might become easy prey, Therefore whatever the storage methods are used whether paper wallet or hardware wallets, you are the person as a bitcoin holder to take special care of your crypto assets under any circumstances. If you go for the paper wallet option, it's totally up to you, how do you handle this piece of paper, whether carefully or showing any act of negligence, and even then if you feel the choice of hardware wallets is suitable to you then again it's entirely up to you how much care and responsibility you demonstrate. If great responsibility and a vigilant attitude opt then no doubt you would find your digital assets in a safe haven on the other side a single act of carelessness can hit you greatly and can cause a kind of great loss and inconvenience.

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