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How Can Bitcoin Be Lost Or Stolen When It's In An Immutable Encrypted Distributed Ledger?

The launch of Bitcoin 1n 2009 was no doubt a kind of landmark in the world of cryptocurrency. The first Blockchain-based cryptocurrency made people wonder since it got its birth. The evolving momentum in price and revolutionary recognition across the globe ultimately proved this supersonic digital currency the currency of the future. As time forwarded, cryptocurrency's existence got more substantial and influential, particularly in the emerging markets. By that time, this digital currency is standing at $33000.The dramatic surge in price during the pandemic time of 2020 made the Bitcoin one of the world's hot favourite currencies. People wonder, which heights it will touch.No matter when and how the immense growth in demand is making new records of the bullish trend and resultantly pushing the bears on back feet. As Bitcoin started trending higher, the incidents of its theft were mounting simultaneously. As history reveals the most recent Bitcoin theft and hackers attack incidents, the prevailing panic about its security and safe storage made the situation more sceptical—some of the most famous mishaps like MT.GOX and QuadrigaCX left astonishing impacts on millions of minds, eventually putting people into the status of "to be or not to be".The digital players(hackers) got more advanced and applied the latest strategies to open the gateways of cryptos theft. Engineers and developers introduced the foolproof mechanism and gadgets to safely store the cryptos in a highly protected tool. Different wallets were developed to ensure the maximum safety of this rapidly mounting currency. Even then, the incidents of theft and hacking did not stop at all. The designed wallets for Bitcoins' safe storage could not deliver the 100% safe storage, thus leaving many security-related questions still unanswered. Hardware wallets, particularly Ledger and Trezors usually considered one of the safest wallets for foolproof security of cryptocurrency, having said that all the digital thieves are still attempting to breach the security layers. In this writing piece, we shall unfold the mystery which is generally ignored by many of the BitCoin investors even after storing their Bitcoins in the safest wallets.


Cryptographic keys are encrypted:

By the time any of the wallets is generated, we are always provided with some private keys. These private keys work like the password of our ATM Bankcard. The only difference is that our Bankcard password is memorable, but the private key of cryptocurrency wallet is a long series of randomly selected cryptographic words and numerics. Moreover, the private key is entirely encrypted, therefore impossible to remember. So what to do with that key ?. Yes, the prime responsibility begins here; for instance, you have stored your Bitcoins in a hardware wallet name Ledger. Usually available in different version like Ledger Nano S&Ledger Nano X.By the time a transaction is required to transfer some amount of your Bitcoins, you would be asked to put that key for a successful transfer. Some people use the option of paper wallet and ultimately save their private keys on it. But many prefer the Hardware wallets to protect their personal and confidential keys. Both Paper and hardware wallets are the subcategories of cold storage and usually preferred over hot wallets or hot storage which store your private keys online.
The state of the art feature of hardware or paper wallet is that they store the private keys in an offline mode, which means you have nothing to do with any online activity. When we are keeping the keys offline, it completely rules out the chance of online hacking attempt. Then where is the loophole?. How we are still losing our Bitcoins, have we shared our private and confidential keys with someone else?.definitely not! Let us explain it. We have made a house got high walls made with solid concrete and much more substantial material used to make it unbreakable, the only way a burglar came inside our house is the main gate which he got open for some time and came in.
Similarly, when hardware or paper wallets are used to store the private keys, we simply get relaxed that our cryptos are safe now. We don't really care about this hardware device's safety or the paper wallet containing the private keys of our crypto assets. When someone got that Paper or access these foolproof hardware gadgets, simply clean our wallets within no time.
Storing your private keys in either hardware or paper wallet is not a big deal rather great responsibility begins afterwards. The safety and security of either paper wallet or hardware wallet is a matter of seriousness and significant commitment with our Bitcoin assets. Unless this responsibility is done with great care, no one can stop the mishaps of hacking attacks, even having the immutable features of newly developed ultra-secure hardware wallets.


Don't ever discuss your Crypto Assets publicly:

History always helps to make future decisions. It is usually questioned that cryptos were stored in the highest safety zones like hardware or paper wallets even than how they were stolen. A recent survey shows, several people lost their Bitcoin assets, not because of any loophole in these hardware or paper wallets instead because of their negligence and careless attitude. Afterwards, they were questioned, have they ever publicly discussed their Bitcoin assets, most of them answered yes. But it seems so strange and does make a significant difference, let me make it more clear. In case you have invested a large amount in cryptocurrency. The only person knows about it, just yourself, your investment has never been discussed anywhere, and your wallets are the hardware ledger wallets, surely immutable because everything stored in the distributed Ledger is encrypted cryptography that is almost unbreachable, the only way to access your assets is the private and confidential keys, what happens usually?. We usually discuss our secrets but afterwards simply forget and when we face any severe inconvenience and financial loss, start blaming the used tools like wallets. There is a dire need to change our attitude towards our investments, and should not discuss some important secrets publicly.


Distributed Ledger is surely immutable:

Of Course, the distributed Ledger is immutable. Every information in the shape of cryptography held in the wallet was fully encrypted, no chance of any security breach; so we are entirely safe and protected. This ultra-secure technology from cryptography to encryption provide a complete sense of security to each individual. But this does not mean that we are fully protected until these non-monetary blockchain solutions are sorted out, security threats will remain as it is. The use of distributed Ledger is a wise decision because it enables our wallets to be fully protected and secure. Still, on the other hand, we must not merely ignore our responsibility of showing maturity in our decisions and actions.

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